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Our instant booking and appointment technology for businesses are available in Europe in the CET time zone.
49 Monthly
  • 100 Bookings Per Month
  • 2 Agents
  • Online Support Level 1
  • €1/booking after 100 bookings
199 Monthly
  • 500 bookings
  • 5 agents
  • Support Level 2
  • €1/booking after 500 bookings


Questions about Power Book? We have assembled answers to the most common questions here.

See the pricing table above
If you have 2 agents or less, the starter version can be used.

Power Book can be used by (almost) all industries.

Send us a message at hello(a)

Contact our sales team at sales(a)

We are able to assist with staffing of the services and to provide agents to be booked. Please contact sales(a)
Contact sales at sales(a) for further information
We can customise the language, please contact sales(a)
Currently, we only support CET but we can do work arounds for CET -1 or CET +1